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Herein lies a summary of the known and unknown alien races & civilizations currently visiting our planet Earth.


The Annunaki

The Andromeda Galaxy

The first civilization known to man, the Sumerians, spoke of a 7 foot tall, large headed gods called the Annunaki. In their own writings, translated and studied by legendary historian Zecharia Sitchin. They came from the 12th planet in the solar system, a planet called Nibiru. These 'Ancient Astronauts' may have played a key role in the conception of civilization.






The Nords

A Humanoid race suspected to be 6 to 7 feet in height, with blonde hair and blue eyes.



Also known as "Reptoid" or "Reptilliod" these creatures are apparently share similar DNA to the Dinosaurs. Now the question is, are they evolved from the Dinosaurs, or did they have involvement of the creation of the Dinosuars?

There are suggestions that the Reptillians are not working in the best interest of humans. It is speculated that they, along with the race of alien greys, have large underground bases deep within the earth.



A race of robotic aliens with ties to a biological origin (in that, this race was created by a biological race).


The Grey

Also known as "The Gray" depending on how you spell it. Rumors indicate that the correct spelling according to top secret intelligence archives labels them as "Greys" not "Grays". Regardless of how you spell their name, the fact remains: this alien race known as the Grey is the most commonly reported type of extraterrestrial on Earth. Why? Perhaps they just have the deepest level of involvement with human civilization and/or the global network of humans who currently are in communications with these beings.


The Andromedans

The Andromeda Galaxy

A race of beings from the Andromeda galaxy.







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